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Oh how I love my Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 Long-lasting Hair Removal System! [honest review]

I’m definitely going to link to the product here, so know from the beginning that if you click over to it, Amazon gives me a teeny commission. HELP ME TAKE MONEY OUT OF AMAZON’S POCKET. Thank you.

I have the Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5.

I’m all in on this device. That is why I have to tell you about it. It is only 3 weeks in and I am practically hairless so I will keep updating this as I go through the process.

Why buy this Braun IPL device instead of another one?

I can’t compare IPL devices here because I have never used one before. I can say that I wanted to try something like this and I decided to just go for the most expensive one and ask for it for Christmas. My husband got it for me! Seriously, it is expensive at over $400. I guess I didn’t want to mess around…if I was trying it, I wanted to get the best one and make sure it worked.

How do I know the the Braun IPL won’t hurt me too much?

It really doesn’t hurt me. A tingle here and there like if someone grabbed a hair and pulled? It is more sensitive in the bikini area. The great thing about the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is that there are 3 adjustment levels. You can go down to the lowest level for your first click in an area, and increase as you are comfortable. I have been able to be at the highest level from the first time I used it.

How does the Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 work?

The Silk Expert Pro uses IPL light pulses which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle, which then destroys the follicle. You need to use it once a week for 12 weeks, and then once per month. The first 12 sessions are just finding all the follicles. After 3 sessions, I have only 30% hair growth and it is much slower. I love it already. I just think it takes some time to actually hit every follicle.

How do you use the Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 device?

The first thing you have to do is shave. That seems counterintuitive. But the light pulses look for pigment under the skin. So, you need to shave right before your session. The sessions have taken me probably more than 30 minutes. You have to glide it along every inch of where you need hair removal. At first, I wondered, how fast should I move it along my leg. I think you get the hang of it. But, I would say it probably takes about 10 seconds for me to glide from my ankle to my knee. I hope that gives you an idea of how slow to glide it.

As far as where I am when I use it…I thought it would be helpful to tell you. I have a bed that elevates the head and foot so I sit on my bed. I don’t feel like sitting on a chair would work well. The couch would be nice but it might not be private enough. Even laying in a dry bathtub could work. You kind of want to be in a laying/lounging position.

Do I need eye protection to use the Braun IPL device?

Yes, please use special eye protection. I did not have eye protection the first time I used it and so I could not look at it. Even if it does not damage the eyes to look at it while it is pointed at my skin, gliding on my leg, the flashes give me a headache.

I purchased these eye protection goggles and they are perfect. Now, I can watch where I am gliding.

Can I use the Braun IPL on my face?

It does say that you can use the Braun IPL device on your face. I use it every time on my face. I am not seeing dark hairs on my face now. I have also read that IPL is a therapy used also to improve your skin’s texture and help pigmentation variations. I have both hypopigmentation (no pigmentation) and hyperpigmentation (brown spots). I have had 3 treatments and I think it is improving. It is winter though. Hyperpigmentation can fade when you are out of the sun. Check back for my update after 12 weeks of using this.

Please note that I don’t take a regular razor to my face. I go over my face with this facial hair remover first. Then I use the Braun IPL. Bonus is that it also has an attachment for trimming eyebrows, which I also use.

Do you have any more questions about the Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5?

Leave them in the comments!

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