I’m glad you found my blog and if you are on the About page, you are about to get all the details.

Here’s the short version:

I am 46 years old.  I live in Greenwood, Indiana with my husband Aaron and two kids, Nathan (12) and Faith (8).  My faith is most important to me and I made this blog so that I can inspire and encourage you in your faith!  And then I throw in my creative projects and recipes for fun!

I love cooking (and the eating), photography, being creative and being challenged to learn.  I feel like I could have had 10 careers if I had the time.  I have an entrepreneur spirit, which is good, and can be very bad!

My current event in my faith is living with margin.  I have been a hot mess, overwhelmed Mom in my past, and I knew that was not how God wanted me to live.  It took me five years to get my act together and finally realize the blessed life God had for me, with margin.

And here is the “behind the scenes” version:

I just came out of a 3-year mid-life crisis.  One thing that died was “hustling” for money online.  The booming culture of mom-bloggers, mom-photographers, or let’s just say stay-at-home-mompreneurs was a draw for me.  I consider myself a person who learns new things easily, an entrapreneur soul, and a creative who feeds on something new.  So while I still have some websites, they are either on maintenance mode or I do them just for fun.

This particular site is here because I can’t shut up.  Part of my creative process is sharing.  And I also like to record some of the things I do for posterity.

I do very little social media.  Not that I don’t share.  But I’m not trying to beat the Facebook algorithm and post all the viral videos to get followers.  Like this blog, my Facebook page is for creative sharing.  You can follow me here:  Me on Facebook

As for Pinterest, I used to be a Pinterest Strategist for bloggers and spoke and did consulting…so I have a pretty big Pinterest page.  I pin a lot.  I use a scheduler.  It is mainly what I do for upkeep over there.  If you want to follow, follow here:  Me on Pinterest

Just so you know, I don’t think blogging for money and chasing that is bad.  It is a great job, if you want one or need one.  And that doesn’t fit my life right now.

The long version:

(I’ll be working on this over time)