Jill Levenhagen

…faith, creativity, humor and real life


I have a passion to create in everything. And I love to share the projects, the recipes, and the struggles and joys of life.

I am a 100%, full-time, can’t function without it Creative. I need it in every day. Ideas for art, efficiency, problem-solving and entrepreneuring are always on my mind. 

There are too many mundane things I have to do every day (laundry, cleaning, carpooling, cooking, showers, clutter!) that I need an outlet.

I need to use my creativity like I need to breath. And after I have applied my ideas to every nook of my home and my family life, made over multiple people’s floorplans, organized friend’s pantries, sewed all the costumes, and I’m literally screaming-bored after the 10,000 meals I’ve cooked over the years…I had to just make a blog.

And over all those creative thoughts and weaved through every bit of who I am, is my faith. My whole being is here to praise God. He is my purpose for living, and the reason there are many days when I would rather just be in heaven than still here. But there are a few people who need me here.

My husband Aaron. He is a Lutheran pastor. He started out in corporate America and late in his 40s decided to quit his job and go to seminary and become a pastor. And my kids, who are teenagers. Nathan is 19 and Faith is 15. 

I’m honored that you have come here and read something I wrote, and dug deeper and found this page. Thank you!

You want to try blogging? I recommend it. I like to help people do that too. Find out more here.