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Website Design Services for Christian Bloggers and Authors

Website Design Services for Christian Bloggers and Authors

You need a website for your ministry!

I am already so excited for you! This is why I do this. I consider it my ministry to help you get your website going. We need more Christian websites out there influencing the internet.

You are probably nervous. Or you just want to be you, and you really wish you didn’t have to have a website talking all about yourself. 

Let’s talk! I know that this is both exciting and strange, but my favorite job is coach and advocate. When you hire me, you are getting more than web design, but also a partner in prayer and encouragement!

I’m going to hold your hand through the process of making a website that represents you. Websites are like inviting people into your home and it will be a process of creating something you love!

After I build it, I will walk you through how to post your content. It is easy and I do this all of the time so I have systems in place that will save you tons of time over figuring it out by yourself.

My Web Design Pre-Process

You may already know exactly what you want your website to look like. Or maybe you just have an clear aesthetic. Great! I can build whatever you envision.

You might be more unsure. I am prepared for that. I have a list of all kinds of websites for you to look at for inspiration. We will work on a color palette, fonts, and do a brand board to see what you love best. Here is an example of some brand boards I have done recently. Click to open them full-size.

Examples of my work

Click photos to see larger. Click links below to see websites.

My Services

I design exclusively on WordPress using the Elementor Pro page builder.

Included in every website:

Some people need add-on items or more help. We can talk about your needs when you contact me for info.

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