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Web Design & Consulting Services for Churches

What are your needs?

You need a totally new website for your Church!

Sometimes starting from scratch brings you the result that most represents your church now. I would love to help. I love the church and consider it my ministry to use my skills to help churches have the website that serves their members and community.

I design your site on WordPress to give you the broadest ability to integrate with providers and have the functionality you need. More info on this service.

Maybe you just need an overhaul.

Sometimes websites get messy. Kind of like our homes. The clutter builds up and we just throw things around. I am a Sunday School teacher and I always think that about the classroom supply closet!

An audit of your website would give you new structure and organization to reset your communication to line up with the focus and vision of your church.

Your administrative staff needs help.

Most websites are a big learning curve for administrative staff. Managing your website is not something they can just “figure out.”

I can provide training for your staff to get them up to speed on how to manage your website and maintain structure, organization and vision. This training will ensure that they do not compromise speed and preserve your site’s search engine optimization.

You really need your church to show up in search engines.

Most people will be able to find you in maps, but maybe you just want to show up on a Google search for a specific set of keywords. I can help you with that.

This is especially helpful if you have evangelistic programs or outreach initiatives. Maybe you have a food ministry. I can optimize pages on your site so that when people search for food assistance, they would find you. Or maybe you have an active youth group and are making it a point to reach out to youth. These are the things I can optimize your website for, so that people will find your church when they are looking for particular help, services, schools or programming.

Digital Communications are overwhelming!

How should you use your website differently than your social media? Does anyone read their email or can email be effective? How can we keep up with the aesthetic of all the graphic design and imagery we see everywhere? Why does it all matter?

It does matter. You can be surviving or thriving in the digital space, but it comes down to your audience. They only want to see or hear about things that are relevant to their needs and visually attractive. We can solve this without you having to do all of the digital things. We parse it up and do only the things that make sense for your church.

Your website photos don’t represent your amazing church body!

I believe that the number one thing you can do for your web presence is to get a talented professional photographer to take images that actually represent the life and heart of your church body.

You need a consultant to bring everyone on the same page.

When you are forging a new path for your church, casting a new vision, or just trying to get everyone swimming the same way, you could use a consultant to make sure all your communication is focused and how it gets accomplished is efficient.


My experience

I have the unique experience of having been in all size churches, studying the movement to reach our communities with the gospel since 1989.

Since then, the digital age was born and everything about how we communicate has changed. I love to use digital tools for the glory of God.

I have been building WordPress sites and managing the accompanying marketing and communications for 10+ years. I would love to talk with you about how I can serve your church’s communication needs.

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