The #pusheen box and the tastiest cake pops ever!

Pusheen Cake Pops

So if you have little girls who watch YouTube, this applies to you.

OMG the mystery “unboxing”.  It has taken over the world.  And Pusheen is the King.  The Pusheen box…not just a little bag of one item that may or not be rare or ULTRA rare…no.  Oh no.  THE PUSHEEN BOX is the ultimate in mystery boxes.  The cornucopia of surprises beyond imagination.

My daughter has wanted one forever.  She put it on her Christmas list, but since it is a subscription that comes 4 times a year…not really something I can go out and buy.  And, I thought it was dumb.  Let’s be honest.  But her sweet little heart MELTS ME!

So I decided to order her the spring box.  And I didn’t tell her.  It was February and it would come in mid-April.  But I caved in March.

And the wait has been eternal.  And not the blessed eternal life in heaven kind of eternal.  You get me.

Mid-April comes and we get an email.  “Pusheen boxes will be mailed out the 23rd.”  Hmm…thought I was receiving this mid-April.  Then, the shipping notice.  THEY SHIPPED IT GROUND!  Yep.  Ground.  One week to get here.

So, it was supposed to arrive this past Monday (and it did – MAY 1st!).  But to be able to live past Sunday, we needed a Pusheen project.  So all day Sunday we made these adorable Pusheen Cake Pops.

Pusheen Cake Pops

This was a good all day on a weekend project.  We made the cake and let it cool for awhile.  Insert trip to the store (which resulted in a fairy school and playground from Joanns for her fairyland out back.  70% OFF…don’t judge!).  Then we made the cake into crumbs, added the chocolate and cream, and made the balls.  I scooped out the right amount with an ice cream scoop while she shaped them into balls.  Into the fridge for awhile.  Then back out to shape the ears.  Back in the fridge.  Finally we melted and colored the white chocolate for covering the pops.  That had to dry…so back in the fridge.  Then we used melted chocolate chips to paint on the details.  And a little bit of white chocolate tinted pink.

These were a huge hit!  And truly, the tastiest cake pops I have ever had!

We used a recipe we found online.  Here is a photo of theirs!  Just click on the photo to get the recipe and instructions!

Pusheen Cake Pops

I just need to say…Faith was so happy.  Not just about Pusheen Cake Pops, but about me dedicating my day to her.  This is what God brings to my life now that I have margin.  More blessings that I would not have had when I was too busy and stressed!




P.S.  Did you want to see her opening her Pusheen Box?  Here is the video:

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