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DIY Splash Pad

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YEARS ago…when my kids were little, I wanted a place for them to have some water fun. They loved playing in the sprinklers, but I didn’t like that the water just got wasted, and my husband didn’t want to mess up the grass!

So, I came up with this idea to build a splash pad that retains about 3 inches of water so that the kids can have more fun. My son would always help me put it together, so we later decided to do a YouTube video on how to build it. He is so cute!

This video is on my son’s YouTube channel. He currently races Gokarts, so check out his racing videos!

The fun thing is that after the video got popular, we got a call from TruTV, and he was asked to be on their Hack my Life TV show! He did a short segment and it was so cool!

Here’s a few things to note for the DIY Splash Pad

  • You have to have a completely flat space as large as the tarp that you use.
  • You shouldn’t leave it on the grass more than two days or you will kill the grass.
  • Get a spare round plastic trash can to store the string of pool noodles. You can keep the clothes line threaded through the pool noodles for storage.
  • It’s more fun if you get an inflatable slide or some inflatable rafts for jumping on and sliding on the splash pad. A boogie board also works.

All the kids love this! It is very play friendly and active! Try it!

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