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Cheese Turkeys Kid’s Activity for Thanksgiving

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4 Babybel cheese turkeys on the table

First things first…in full disclosure, this idea originated with Amy Locurto on her blog Living Locurto.  She did it so great 3 years ago on November 9th, that my kids and I made these just two weeks after that!  They are so adorable!  So I dug out our pictures and thought I would share here.

These are very easy and what I like best is that kids of all ages can do this.  My daughter was 4 and my son was 8 when we did it.  I think even 2-year-olds could give it a try.

The key to any great kid holiday activity is Mom prep.  I don’t just get all the stuff and lay it on the table.  I get it all prepped so all they do is the creating!

What you need:

  • Those cute little Babybel round cheeses wrapped with red wax
  • Sliced almonds, preferably toasted if you plan to eat any
  • One slice of american or cheddar cheese
  • Whole cloves and/or mustard seeds

I decided to leave the cheese wrapped, instead of unwrap for prep, for two reasons.  One, kids love unwrapping those little cheeses!  Two, I didn’t want to waste any, so they can unwrap as they go.

I don’t like to eat raw almonds, so I make sure to toast them before this project.  Just throw a cup of raw sliced almonds on a baking sheet (no oil or anything) and toast until the white flesh starts to turn yellow.  This won’t take long.  They will taste yummy!

Collage of two photos of the kids making their Cheese Turkeys

For each child I gave them a paper plate with cheese, red wax from the cheese, some cloves and mustard seeds.  I also gave them a paper bowl with toasted. almonds.

Last, I give them an example of one that I made, but I told them to use their imagination!  I hope your kids will come up with some new ideas!

Every recipe here is my creation. The only ones I publish are those that you can’t find anywhere else!

I love cooking, and believe that technique is the key to making all food better! I was a basic “meat and potatoes” cook until I actually started being brave enough to taste foods I thought I didn’t like. That has inspired my desire to bring more flavor to all the food I love, and use more ingredients I never ate before!